Middle East for Technical Services (METSCO), is considered to be one of the specialized Egyptian companies in the field of the Compressed Air. It has been the sole agent of FINI Compressors in Egypt for more than 25 years. FINI is the biggest specialized Italian company in producing the air compressors for more than 65 years with different powers ranging from 1/2 till 340 H.P both of the Rotar and reciprocated types. FINI also produces Freon air dryers working with delivery till 28800 Liters/min.

Our products ( of all  our Agencies ) include screw air compressor, piston air compressor, Medicare air compressor, air treatment system, compressed air vessels, electric motors ( of the Air compressors ) , and all the accessories of the compressed Air .

Middle East for Technical Services Company (METSCO) considered as a one of the largest Egyptian companies working in the field of the compressed air technology. Eng. Hussein El Baroudy founded the company since 1992 . The company has specialized in many agencies, including Fini, as a one of the largest manufacturers of the various types of air compressors and Baglioni Group which is considered as a one of the main compressed Air Vessels producers all over the world .

Also , and at the same time METSCO is presenting Cizeta in Egypt since 1994 which is considered as a one of a biggest manufacture of Italian jacks and presses.

The company has participated all the above mentioned Agencies in many exhibitions that have been held inside and outside Egypt.