MGF has produced high quality air compressors for more than 25 years. The continuous improvement in the products and production processes, to the extent that, today, the company’s competitivity is respected in Italy and the world for the reliability of the products and services. MGF has constantly invested in the evolution of its projects, with particular attention to oil free piston compressors, air treatment and silence throughout this period. Today, MGF designs, develops and produces oil free compressors with a fully market-oriented construction philosophy with concern in understanding the real needs, trends and requirements of tomorrow, starting from the suctomer’s point of view. MGF invests in innovation for its future and, thinking of innovation, it is introducing a new range of oil fre compressors which is surprising for its completeness, quality and performance. Conceived to be at the cutting edge of oil-free technology, the new range uses the most up-to-date design tools and is produced with the criteria of best practice for all uses where choice of oil free air is unavoidable.